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Turn your website into a lead generation machine.  A thorough SEO campaign will get your site ranked in the search engines.  Once your site can be found, traffic, leads and sales will follow.  Most business owners hand over their online business to web designers.  Designers have their place in the overall success of a site.  But a website on page 20 of Google or even on page 2 will NOT generate traffic and improve your bottom line.

Your SEO strategy is the key to your success.  There are tremendous opportunities today for businesses who understand the potential of the internet.  

Local businesses can leave their competition behind by dominating the local search results page.  The yellow pages and local newspapers are both suffering because of a drastic decline in readership. Everybody is now searching for information and products online. Because search results on the internet revolve around keywords and keyword phrases, you can actually own certain keywords in your industry and carve out niches for yourself.  The earlier you start, the easier it is.

Our experts will help you define your strategy and target the best keywords for your business. We will then implement everything for you.

Here are some of the SEO services we offer: 

  • On-Site Optimization: Your domain name, page titles and descriptions play a critical role.  Search engines rely on them to understand what your pages and site are about.  Each page should be focused on one main keyword.  Each page should be designed with both the human visitor and the search engine spiders in mind.   We will review your site from the search engines' perspective and make sure it is search engine friendly.  A good on-site optimization can be responsible for 50% of your ranking results.  You cannot win a race if you're driving the slowest car or the slowest bike  We will turn your site into a lean mean ranking machine.
  • Backlinks: Links pointing to your site are considered like a vote in favor of your site.  The more backlinks you have, the more authority you have in the eyes of Google.   This is especially true if the links are coming from high authority sites relevant to your topic.  The more efficient way to create backlinks is to publish content like articles, blogs, videos and include links pointing back to your pages.  The content should be unique and of value.  It should answer questions, bring solutions to problems.  Basically it should help the search engines do their job: bring answers to their searchers.
  • Tracking:  Tracking is important to understand where your visitors are coming from.  It is just as important to understand their behavior once they are on your site. If your visitors leave your site quickly by hitting the back button, the all mighty Google will notice and assume your content is not answering their problems or questions.  Tracking will help you correct flaws on your site and understand where your sales are coming from.  This can help you focus your efforts on the best converting keywords and increase your ROI.
  • Social Media:  People are spending more time on Facebook than on Google.  Social media holds a larger share of the internet traffic everyday.  It is a good idea to have a Facebook page, a Twitter  account to be able to interact with your potential and existing customers.  If done right, social media has the potential of spreading your brand in a viral way.  Think free advertising.  We will set up your social accounts, publish content on them and grow your number of followers / friends.  We do all that while keeping in mind that social media is not a place where people want to be sold to.  But they do want to learn about a business from a friend or  be able to recommend a business with a click of a mouse. 

Please understand that any lasting results in search engine rankings will require a consistent effort.  Any unethical practices to bully your way to the top may work for a while.  But they will always put your site at risk of "disappearing" from the search results.  For that reason, we only practice ethical SEO and do not take part in any kind of deceiving tactics. In reality, these practices are not necessary to get good rankings.  You should stay away from any offers to buy large amounts of backlinks, or any kind of offer that seems too good to be true.  As it probably is. 

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